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The sweetness of
sugar without
the risks

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You are right on time 
to join us in our battle 
against sugar!

Like you, we decided to get rid of sugar in our lives to improve our health and find the best sugar substitute.

But… What does it need a sugar substitute to be the best for you and your family? In fact, two things:

   1) Taste good

   2) Be  completly safe

The best taste

A sugar substitute needs to be as sweet as sugar, however most sugar substitutes,  like stevia, monk fruit and sucralose, are not. They are sweeter.

That means other ingredients have to be added to get them taste like sugar and those ingredientes aren’t always safe for people with diabetes.

Safe for everyone

Xilinat’s only ingredient is xylitol, something that your body already produces to process foods. And in moderation, anything made in the body is safe for the body.

Xilinat is a superhero that will rescue you from sugar and other sugar substitutes.

Now you know it, Xilinat is safe, delicious & loves you 💜

Explore the benefits

Ideal for people with diabetes

Low carbs and calories

Protects teeth against cavities

Keto - Friendly

Ideal for baking

1 sugar spoon = 1 Xilinat spoon

Say yes to Xilinat and start enjoying its sweetness


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$175 MXN

Pack 2+2

$590 559 MXN

Pack 4+2

$941 895 MXN

Pack 3+3

$884 839 MXN

5 Pack

$879 835 MXN

5 kg

$1,399 MXN

10 kg

$2,469 MXN

25 kg

$5,679 MXN

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