Xilinat is a startup created by Mexican scientists, which responds to essential health and environmental problems.

Xilinat is a startup created by Mexican scientists, which responds to essential health and environmental problems.

How this project started?

Xilinat started as an alternative for people that desire to consume less sugar and that haven´t found an appetizing and healthy option in the market. Today, most people refuse to use sweeteners on a daily basis because they dislike the taste, or because they are unhealthy.

Thanks to the low glycemic index and its same flavor as sugar, Xilinat is the best option to sweeten your food and take care of your health. 

Sugar is a problem for all people involved. Those who farm it are unfairly paid and, in Mexico, often live in extreme poverty. For those who consume it, sugar exacerbates health challenges such as diabetes and obesity, and existing substitutes are expensive, bad-tasting, unhealthy in other ways—or all three.

Xilinat patented a biotechnological fermentation process to transform agricultural waste into xylitol, a natural, low-calorie sugar substitute. It looks and tastes like sugar, while protecting teeth against cavities—making it an ideal product for consumers with sugar-related health issues, such as diabetes or obesity. 

Though xylitol production has historically involved an expensive series of chemical reactions, Xilinat’s approach is far cheaper. Because its production uses waste that would otherwise accumulate or be incinerated, Xilinat’s xylitol is also a sustainable and completely natural product. Additionally, buying agricultural waste from impoverished Mexican farmers enhances their local economies and reduces carbon-heavy incineration practices.

“Our dream is to sweeten the health of millions of people”

Team xilinat

Our contribution to the

  • Approximately 40% of the CO2 that pollutes the environment in Mexico, is produced by burning agricultural waste (i.e. corn cob, agave bagasse, etc.).
  • For every ton of product we upcycle 7 of corn cob or similar agricultural residues.
  • We also promote a culture in which agricultural residues are valorized as raw materials.

Our conviction

According to the World Health Organization, diabetes is the leading cause of death in Mexico, claiming nearly 80,000 lives each year. Worldwide even 1.6 million deaths are directly attributed to diabetes each year. It is a serious issue and we are committed to make a difference.


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